Broadcaster Agreement

This agreement (Agreement) means any successor or affiliate between you, the Broadcaster (You, Your) and our Website (Website) operator. or organization (hereinafter). By accepting, By applying, Submit, or similar syntax, you are electronically signed this document and therefore you agree that you accept all open and integrated terms of this Agreement.

Our Website, together with its predecessors, successors or affiliates, is the owner and operator of the Website that offers live interactive services. Our Website wants to contract to present live interactive performances (Performances) on the Website; You agree to provide live interactive performances on the Website in accordance with the specific obligations and terms of this Agreement; and, The parties have determined that it is in the mutual benefit of reducing their written agreements. Therefore, the parties agree as follows: Website Ownership Using license or license of our Website: Website, including past, present and future versions; All web pages on the Website; All materials and information on the Website; all graphics, text, images, audio, videos, webinars, designs, compilation, ad text, articles, interfaces, software, artwork, any computer application, any copyrighted material (including source and object code) and are available on the Website the design, structure, appearance and feel and organization of the content; and Regardless of registration, all trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos, domain names and other distinctions on the Website branding items. Copyright, patent, trademark, trade dress, trade secret, international reviews, and various other intellectual property and unfair competition Intellectual property laws, including laws, protect the Website and its content. When using the Website or content, You will comply with all applicable intellectual property laws and all special notices on the Website. Our Website is limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable to access the Website and its content in accordance with this Agreement. grants a license. By accessing our Website, you can visit the Website, use its services, create an account and It means viewing or downloading its content. The Content of Our Website, the text, software, interfaces, scenarios on the Website, Includes graphics, photos, sounds, music, videos, audiovisual combinations, interactive features, and other materials. The license granted in Section 2.2 does not include any of the following:
(1) the Website will be reused, except as permitted by this agreement. sale or commercial use;
(2) Except as permitted by this Agreement, the Website or the Content of our Website distribution, general performance or public display;
(3) Our Website is amended in a separate written agreement with you. or unless we specifically authorize the use of derivatives, the derivative of the Website and its Content or any part of our Website change their use or otherwise;
(4) collecting or extracting any data mining, robot or similar use of methods;
(5) Unless permitted in this Agreement, any part of the Website or the Content of our Website downloading (other than caching the web page);
(6) The Website or the Content of our Website other than its intended purpose use in any way. Your license to access the Website and the Content of Our Website may be viewed, downloaded or it is not transferred to the ownership or a copy of any content you print, and our Website will only display the Website and This Agreement allows you to use the Content of our Website appropriately. If you download or print a copy of the Website or the Content of our Website for your use, all copyrighted content you must retain the right and other proprietary notices. The Website or the Content of Our Website is authorized by this Agreement use other than those granted will terminate the license granted here. The Website or the Content of our Website without permission its use may violate intellectual property laws or other laws. Nothing in this Agreement is intellectual property, unless stated their rights should not be interpreted as licensed, whether by estoppel, implication or other means. When our Website requests this license can cancel.

Users of the Website purchase credit that they can spend in various ways (hereinafter referred to as Coins or minutes) They can get. Our Website will pay you the agreed rate for each coin you earn. Our Website is About Broadcaster Content your repayments to customers, your penalties and / or violations due to your breach of this Agreement. You may adjust or decrease the amount owed to you due to other costs and expenses. this deal. Our Website may provide any number of credits produced by you at any time, including retrospectively, or it can adjust or fall at any time without notice. The most common reasons for coin adjustments are customer repayments, Includes fraud, violations of behavior, and technical errors. Payments are usually made on the days you set. Payments are transferred to you total during the relevant payment period. calculated according to the loans. Our Website is delayed by the actions or omissions of third parties, such as banks, payment processors and external vendors. or not responsible for errors. Our Website is beyond the control of our Website while trying to ensure timely payments You agree that payment may be delayed in some cases for reasons. Payments will be made in the payment method selected by You at the time of registration. Each of the payment methods offered requires a different minimum payment amount to be reached before payment can be made. If the total balance of the funds produced by you does not reach the minimum amount required for the selected payment method, your account balance will be transferred to the next payment cycle until the required minimum payment amount is met.

Creating Records
Creating an account, As part of signing up and signing up, you must sign up for an account. To register, visit our Website You must complete the registration process by providing the correct information requested by the registration form.

Account Responsibility
You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your passwords and account. Unauthorized use of your account or any other In case of security breach, you will inform our Website immediately. Our Website will not be responsible for any damages incurred by anyone using your password or account, regardless of your knowledge or not.

Using Other Accounts
You will never use third party accounts.

Broadcaster Content
Our Website is uploaded, published, streamed, forwarded or otherwise sent to our Website and this Agreement It does not claim ownership rights in the Performance offered to its customers (hereinafter referred to as members) under (Broadcaster Content). Subject to the limited license below, you continue to maintain ownership rights you may have in Broadcaster Content. By submitting Broadcaster Content, to our Website, its affiliates and service providers, and to each of the relevant licensees of our Website,  you grant everyone a permanent, non-exclusive, sub-license, worldwide license.  To perform, display and distribute Broadcaster Content on the Website in accordance with this Agreement. This means any of the Website  Broadcaster to promote and redistribute its section and its derivative works in any media format and on any media channel  It includes the right to use its content. You are solely responsible for the Broadcaster Content and the results of posting to the Website.  By accepting this Agreement, you have all the necessary rights to transmit the license and, otherwise, your obligations specified herein.  you agree to fulfill. Broadcaster publishing, distributing, using, changing, deleting, storing or  you release our Website for any action related to its overall performance. Our Website Is From Any Broadcaster Content  not responsible, endorsed and not responsible. You are solely responsible for the Broadcaster Content and the results of posting to the Website.  By accepting this Agreement, you have all the necessary rights to transmit the license and, otherwise, your obligations specified herein.  you agree to fulfill. Broadcaster publishing, distributing, using, modifying, deleting, storing, or  you release our Website for any action related to its overall performance. Our Website Is From Any Broadcaster Content  not responsible, endorsed and not responsible. You are solely responsible for the Broadcaster Content and the results of posting to the Website.  By accepting this Agreement, you have all the necessary rights to transmit the license and, otherwise, your obligations specified herein.  you agree to fulfill. Broadcaster publishing, distributing, using, changing, deleting, storing or  you release our Website for any action related to its overall performance. Our Website Is From Any Broadcaster Content  not responsible, endorsed and not responsible. Broadcaster Publishing, distributing, using, changing, deleting content,  You release our Website for any action related to its storage or overall performance. Our Website is a Broadcaster  It is not responsible, approved, or responsible for its content. Broadcaster, publishing, distributing, using, changing,  You may release our Website for any action related to its deletion, storage or overall performance.  Our Website is not responsible, endorsed and responsible for any Broadcaster Content.
Behavior code is generally
Unless specifically authorized in writing by our Website, the Web site other than those maintained by our Website you will not use it to promote their sites or services. Whether it is individual or with others, any business You will not ask, direct or redirect from our Website. Misrepresenting any service provided by our Website will not be degrading or misleading to anyone about the services provided by our Website or our Website under this Agreement. or you will not make misleading statements. Always, our Website and its employees, partners, service providers, customers and affiliates you will act in the best interests of their organization.

Our Website requires certain rules to be followed. At the discretion of our Website, warnings, fines, token donations, you may face penalties such as suspension, account closure, and a potentially permanent ban. If you engage in the following activities, You will violate the code of conduct of our Website: Deceptive or fraudulent activities, such as unauthorized access to another Broadcasters or studio account or fraudulent activities collaborating with users for; Harassing, belittling, defaming or otherwise in the business or personal lives of other Broadcasters, studios or users intervene; Make derogatory comments about our Website, Website or other studios or Broadcasters; Allowing any person within the camera view unless this person is an approved Website Broadcaster; Discuss or facilitate prostitution-related services with users or other studios or Broadcaster; Disclose personal contact information of any studio, Broadcaster or member of our Website without their consent; or make public You cannot engage in such harassment on the Website or other online / offline venues. Produce any Broadcaster Content or take any action that includes or depicts any of the following: Little ones, children, babies; may not be on camera, within the camera view, or in the same room, Sexual intercourse with animals or animals on camera in a sexual or provocative context, Urination, defecation, go to the bath enema game, Vomiting, Breastfeeding or breastfeeding, Menstrual bleeding, Illegal drugs, Excessive alcohol, drug or narcotic consumption, Sleeping or fainting, Hypnosis, rape, Incest or sexual contact among family members, Vagina or anus penetration with items not intended for sexual stimulation, Insertion, Actions related to violence, cutting, blood, torture, non-consensual pain, erotic suffocation or risk of injury or injury, Escort, prostitution or demand, All kinds of illegal or unsafe activities, Anything that would upset anyone's consent, Nudity is traditional, but not required for private shows. If there is no nudity in the performance, the first minute of the private show you must inform the member in it; Deceiving our Website from compensation produced by Broadcaster Content; To interfere with the creation of Broadcaster Content by other studios or Broadcasters, or our Website owes others otherwise blocking tasks; Violate the intellectual property, privacy or publicity rights of our Website or any other person; To depict, promote or facilitate any illegal activity; Tips. You will respect all statements made to customers about earning credits during performance. During the term of this Agreement, you do not request and / or receive money payments from members outside the Website's coin system. Any fraudulent attempt (for example, to accept credit cards that are stolen with a member or hacker) will result in a permanent ban without payment. You will report all suspicious activities on our Website. Our Website is suspicious If you do not report any activity, he may think that you are involved in fraud. You will not advertise competing websites or third-party commercial websites. During a broadcast, you will keep your face on the camera at least part of the time. The mask will not permanently hide your face from the camera you won't wear it or just show your face in private chat. You do not request the members' account information or log in to accounts that do not belong to You. You cannot play the recorded video instead of being broadcast on the webcam. You can only use your keyboard in your chat room. Our Website, if you can't access the keyboard or need help with English Even if it does, it prohibits operator accounts that someone has written for you. You cannot broadcast from a public place where members of the public are likely to see your performance. Co-Author Content: Our Website is associated with other registered Website Broadcasters (hereinafter referred to as Co-Author Content) it does not prohibit you from producing live or recorded content. If you produce or participate in such Co-Author Content Our Website will only be responsible for compensating the Broadcasters account for which Content with Authorization is purchased. Separating revenue from any Co-Author Content provided in your account with other Website Broadcasters that appear here, You are solely responsible for dividing and distributing. This type of revenue sharing arrangement is only an independent, private agreement between Broadcasters will be managed with. Our Website is not responsible for the implementation of such agreements. Freeing our Website and You agree to keep our Website harmless, from any claims arising from Co-Author Content. Also, Co-Author We acknowledge that any request resulting from its content will rely solely on Participating or visible Broadcasters, not against our Website. You. Any violation of the above behavior restrictions or Rules, at our own discretion, warnings, suspended can result in a wide range of disciplines such as receiving, loss of credit or permanent termination of this Agreement. After a violation of our Website If it chooses to reinstate you, credits earned for Performance that caused the violation will be lost to our Website.

Monitoring and Implementation
Our Website can do any of the following: Removing or rejecting any Broadcaster Content for any reason, including obscene or defamatory material or excessive length; We believe that our Website violates this Agreement, violates the intellectual property right of any person, or threatening the public's personal security or creating responsibility for our Website; Including your identity or other information about You, including intellectual property rights or privacy rights in content submitted by You. to disclose to anyone who claims to have infringed their rights; Take appropriate legal action, including sending to law enforcement agencies for illegal or unauthorized use of the Website or services; or Your access to the whole or part of the Website or its services for any reason, including for breach of this Agreement. terminate or suspend. The identity of anyone who publishes any content through our Website, our Website or its services or content, or It will fully cooperate with any law enforcement or court order that requests or directs it to disclose other information. Affiliates, licensees and service providers, including affiliates, service providers, arising from any action taken during and during investigations by our Website or the law You waive any claims you may have against our Website, enforcement authorities. Our Website cannot and will not review all materials before they are published on the website and after the objectionable material has been submitted cannot be removed immediately. Our Website is provided by any Broadcaster, user or third party of publications, communications or will not be responsible for any action or inaction related to the content. Our Web Site, the activities described in this section will not be responsible for anyone because of its performance or performance.

Broadcaster Profile Content
Our Website imposes special requirements and restrictions on text, images or videos posted or presented to your profile. (Profile Content). You are considered to be the owner of all necessary rights in your Profile Content. The role of our website regarding profile content is a completely online agent and service provider. Our Website allows you to review, disable, delete and / or view any Profile Content. or reserves the right to change, but has no obligation to do so. Regarding the Broadcasters Content, in Section 6 of this Agreement The license granted by our Website is equally valid for any Profile Content. Profile Content: 1) it is not illegal or obscene;
2) shows the consent of adults over the age of 18 only when the content is created;
3) does not support, facilitate, encourage or require child exploitation or any form of trafficking;
4) does not violate anyone's intellectual property rights, publicity rights, privacy rights, or other legal rights;
5) does not contain malicious code or malware;
6) does not cover or depict people who are not Broadcasters of our registered Website;
7) Broadcaster versions are supported by shooting location versions and Section 2257 records, if any. All necessary rights regarding Profile Content You guarantee and declare that you own or acquire. Any related to Profile Content immediately upon request to our Website you agree to provide Broadcaster bulletins, shooting bulletins and / or Section 2257 records. Any related to Profile Content Violation of the term can lead to discipline, including loss of loans, suspension or termination. Our Website, Profile Not responsible for unauthorized use, copying, modification, publishing or distribution of its content by third parties,

Privacy / Security Warning - Enforcement of Rights
9.1 No website or server is immune to hacking or other security protocol violations; Also, Broadcasters Content may be illegally recorded by users or third parties and graphic material depicting the Broadcaster it can be published online or otherwise distributed without your permission. Such actions are humiliation, mental / emotional distress,  it can cause identity theft and other important damages. For this reason, our website's private information, personal data, performances  or you agree that you will not be responsible for the recording or publishing of Broadcaster Content, and you agree to this and  you release it from all obligations and demands associated with it.
9.2 Our Website is designed to ban certain geographic locations, IP addresses, users or user groups. While choosing to implement features, no regional or user prohibition is flawless. Any use of this feature or application is expressly accepted as is, without any warranty or performance guarantee. Despite such features banned users or regions may still access, save, own and / or publish Broadcaster Content. you agree to distribute.
9.3 Our Website, at its sole discretion, assists you in implementing intellectual property rights in relation to Broadcaster Content. can decide to be. This help may include third party services. Our Website's obligation to provide such an application You agree that you are not under any of these terms and you release our Website from any claims arising from such services.

Participation and Participation in the Event
10.1 Where certain promotional events, dinner parties, meetings, cocktail hours or our Website can be found You agree that you can choose to participate in parties (hereinafter collectively referred to as Events). Your participation in events you are completely voluntary and optional. Our Website is responsible for any task or engagement related to your participation in such events. no liability. Obligations for events are only between the Broadcaster and the event organizer. While attending an event you are expected to pay for your own travel, accommodation, meals and incidental expenses. Our Website is about your participation in Events takes no responsibility. This Agreement's Website, its representatives, employees, affiliates, lawyers,
10.2 Our Website, at its sole discretion, may issue free tickets to Events or promotions during the Event. While you may offer access to their cabinets / belongings / clothes, our Website does not compensate you or any does not fall under the obligation to reimburse the cost or cost. Traveling or participating in events. By Our Website Any financial incentives or offers made to You in connection with your participation in an Event will be entirely voluntary; and Our Website does not assume any financial liability to any party in this case.
10.3 This Web Site, its representatives, employees, affiliates, contractors, lawyers, successors and appointments, Any request or obligation arising from your participation in the event and an activity of our Website. By choosing to attend an Event, Any Event organizer from any request or liability arising from your participation in an Event or a related trip, You openly release the sponsor, host, operator, coordinator, property owner and / or tenant. with an Event.
10.4 If there is a request from a third party initiated against our Website due to your participation in an Event, We agree to indemnify our Website for this claim and to keep our Website free from any liability arising from this claim. You. The indemnity provisions set out in this Agreement.
10.5 Our Website has the right to impose reasonable rules and restrictions on the execution of Broadcasters when participating in the Events. During any Contest, nothing that may worsen, defame or injure our Website's reputation or business interests. you will not take action. Our Website reserves the right to remove you from an Event, at its sole discretion. Any misuse, discipline, suspension, credit loss, or termination by You during an Event may result.

Term and Termination
This Agreement will begin upon our Website's approval of your registration application or your skype application and by either party It will expire when terminated. Either party may terminate this Agreement for any reason by providing a written termination notice to the other party. Violate this Agreement unless you are required to pay our Website up to the point of termination for compensation earned, unless stated otherwise, it may result in termination. Our Web Site, the Agreement, for any breach of this Agreement or any fraudulent or illegal activity If it terminates, you will lose the compensation to be paid. Upon termination of this Agreement, all licenses and rights granted under this Agreement will also expire. In addition, upon termination of this Agreement either party is present due to a party's current or probable profits, loss of commissions or due to this termination or any other damages allegedly terminated. , or payments to the envisaged services or other somehow. Termination means that any of the parties (1) continue or receive ongoing damages due to a breach of this Agreement by the other party. the right to receive or (2) the debt or borrower under this Agreement, including the payment won on the date of termination. it does not affect payments. .

The name, logo and all related names, logos, product and service names, designs and slogans (signs) of our Website are trademarks or service marks of their affiliates or licensors. Without the prior written consent of our Website You may not use or use the marks of our Website in any way. Nothing in this Agreement is from our Website or displayed on the Website, meta tags, or any other hidden text using licensors' marks any license or right cannot be interpreted as granted by any means or in any other way. Our Website or  forward written permission of the third party that may have the brand.

Disclaimer of Warranties
Our Website is based on all services, as with all failures and as available. Our Website, merchantability, title, clear, implied, legal, or any other purpose, including a breach of infringement, confidentiality, profitability, or fitness for a particular purpose. does not guarantee. Or, profitability guarantees or warranties or other warranties are not included. or any clear or implied kind warranty. Any that is beyond the scope of this Agreement or that results from performance, trading or use of trade. there is no guarantee. Your interaction with the Website or our Website, including the risks associated with the promotion of the Broadcasters appearing on the Website; and you assume sole responsibility for all risks, consequences and losses that result in your association. Publicly on the Website unauthorized recording, copying, use or distribution of Broadcaster Content among the risks associated with appearance. it is the unauthorized publication of the identity of one or more Broadcasters.

Liability Limit
Our Website may contain content posted by any user on the Website or any other location, or any member It will not be liable to You for its humiliating, aggressive or illegal behavior. The risk of damage or damage arising from this you understand that it is entirely yours and any of our Website arising from user posts or the behavior of any member you are releasing it clearly from a responsibility. Our Website, representatives, moderators, employees, officers or their administrators, but not limited to; neglect, sexual harassment, hostile working environment, discrimination, slander, privacy infestation, wrong light, stalking, harassment, illness, physical or mental injury, debilitating condition, emotional distress, and our Website Except for breach of obligations set forth in this Agreement, all other rights resulting from our Website's fulfillment of this Agreement requests. The parties plan that this release will have the widest possible legal effect. you acknowledge the risks of damage or injury related to public webcam performances. Law before accepting this Agreement You had the opportunity to call the consultant, and either you did this or you chose not to consult with the legal counsel. Our Website will not be liable to You for any of the following: Errors, errors or inaccuracies of the content, including Broadcaster Content; Any nature arising from your access to and use of the Website, including interaction with users. personal injury or property damage; Violating, wrong, obscene, immoral, aggressive, threatening, harassing, abusive, defamatory, defamatory, defamatory quality, infringing or otherwise illegal content (including Broadcaster Content) or behavior (including Broadcaster behavior); Unauthorized access to our Web site's servers and personal or financial information stored in them or in your account, transmissions. or unauthorized access or use, including changes to your data; Interruption or cessation of transmission from / to the Web Site; Any person may be transmitted to or through the Website or infect your computer, or Errors, viruses, Trojans that may affect your access to or use of the Website, other services, hardware, malware, ransomware or other disabling codes, or software; Incompatibility between the Website and other services, hardware or software; You may encounter delays or malfunctions while performing, transferring or completing any transfer or transaction to the Website; or Use of any content posted, e-mailed, posted or otherwise provided through the Website any loss or damage caused by. You are free of all obligations arising from our Website, Broadcaster Content or related to Broadcaster Content.

Excluding Damages
Unless our Web Site is caused by gross negligence or deliberate and immoral abuse, our Web Site We will not be liable to You for contract violations that cannot be reasonably foreseen by entering into the Agreement. Our Website, to the Website, Indirect, special, criminal or exemplary damages arising from your access or inability to content or services. (regardless of the theory of responsibility) will not be responsible to you. Our Website also (regardless of the theory of responsibility) will not be liable to you for any damages associated with the following:
(1) personal injury,
(2) pain and sting,
(3) emotional distress,
(4) loss of income,
(5) loss of profit,
(6) job loss or expected savings,
(7) loss of use,
(8) goodwill loss,
(9) data loss,
(10) loss of privacy,
(10) injury to reputation or
(11) Your access to the Website, content or services, or these services
computer error related to your inaccessibility. If you have provided information about the possibility of these damages on our Website or our Website these damages are excluded, even if they know or should know about the probability of such damages. The maximum liability of our Website to you for any claim is greater than $ 250 or that of our Website will not exceed the outstanding amount owed to you (whichever is less). Elimination of these damages is determined by our Website. The exclusive solution for your breach of contract is your way.

Scope of Disclaimers, Exclusion, and Limits
Disclaimers, exceptions and limits set out in Chapters 13, 14 and 15 apply to the fullest extent permitted by law, but no longer not valid. Our Website is not intended to deprive you of any mandatory protection provided to You by Law. Excluding some damages or other matters, disclaimers, as some countries may prohibit the refusal of certain warranties, one or more of the exceptions or limits may not apply to You.

Relationship of the Parties
This Agreement is between You and our Website or its related employees, representatives or any authorized assignments, it does not create an employment relationship, joint or joint venture or partnership. Monitoring, auditing, pre-approval of the content, performance, timing or services provided by You on our Website You represent and declare that it has no direct or indirect control over or review. Also, our Website  You also agree that you are not responsible for the reimbursement of performance expenses or the creation of Broadcaster Content.  All these costs belong only to You. Your decisions regarding any Broadcaster Content produced in connection with this Agreement  and you are solely responsible for the legal obligations or consequences arising from your actions. Our Website is subject to any government, state, provincial and local tax related to payments received as a result of the implementation of this Agreement. is not responsible for payment of fees or similar charges.

Controversial Decision Litigation Selection
Either party may choose to sue the following types of litigation or discussion:
(1) an action seeking fair assistance; or
(2) a case that requires compliance with this dispute resolution provision.
It is reasonable for each party to comply with the other before claiming that the other has not fulfilled the obligations under this Agreement. will give an opportunity. The Parties shall first come together in good faith to resolve all disputes between the Parties involved in this Agreement. they will come and negotiate. The party that brought the dispute to the agenda explains to the other party all the problems and situations related to the dispute. send a written notice and supporting material (dispute notice). Primary appointed by each party the representative will try to resolve the dispute. Primary representatives of the parties within 15 days of receiving a dispute notification if they cannot resolve the dispute, the vice president (or higher official) of each party will try to resolve the issue.

Fair solutions
If any breach of your obligations under this Agreement is an inadequate solution, the damages will be an inadequate solution. you agree to why. If any violation occurs or is threatened, our Website may be subject to a bond or a precautionary measure, a restraining order or another fair solution without posting any other security and proof of real damages You can search.

Class Action Disclaimer
The parties will only take individual actions to resolve a dispute in any forum. Neither you nor our Website will want you to be heard as a class action of any dispute or in any case where one of the parties offers to act or act in a representative capacity. The parties will not be combined with another case without the prior written consent of all parties to the affected proceedings.

Precautionary Assistance Help
In the event that both parties violate this Agreement, the other parties are unable to provide full compensation to the victims by the victim lawyers. that a victim may be prudential because of a violation case, in addition to looking for all other remedies available in the law. accepts that he can request measures. or in equality.

Broadcaster Edition
The statement of release, as written and sworn by the first person, that you have certified in accordance with the fines of false declaration. You acknowledge and declare that it is subject to false penalties under U.S. law. Our Website:

I. Our Website's performances, stage names, affinity, personality, personality, sound, pictures, chat, video, voice and I allow you to use everything else (collectively) in any way related to my interaction with our Website, throughout the universe, in infinity and without limitation. All rights, titles, interests and copyrights related to my appearance can be found on our Website. I give and throw. The rights granted to our Website also belong to our Website's subsidiaries, successors, licensees and I agree that he also joins the appointed ones.
II. Our Website and its subsidiaries, successors, appointments and license holders, defamation, copyright, privacy or publicity by violating my right, my trademarks, trademark violation, or the use of my performance or the use of the rights provided here any other related or related in any way. Hereby, all statements made by me, I certify that the warranties and other information are accurate and correct and any claims arising from these statements and warranties. I agree to be legally responsible. The terms of this version, Contract, or any union or guild contract of the contract  I hereby agree and declare that no amount will be paid for the use or reuse of my view.

III. In addition, the actions of our Website, its representatives, moderators, employees or administrators any claims based on, but not limited to; neglect, sexual harassment, hostile working environment, discrimination, slander, privacy invasion, wrong light, stalking, harassment, illness, physical or mental injury, debilitating condition, emotional distress and Other claims arising from the actions of our Website related to this Agreement or the creation of Broadcaster Content.
IV. I am 18 years old or older. I am a solid mind and body. I am not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Own free I act with my will and I do not believe that I have violated any moral standards of my community. You fully agree to the terms of this Agreement I understand and can legally accept this Agreement.

General Provisions Entire agreement
This Agreement constitutes the only contract of the parties on the subject. Regarding the transactions envisaged in this Agreement, replaces any previously written or verbal discussions, negotiations, proposals, commitments, understandings and agreements. Neither party may, in order to interpret or influence the validity of this Agreement, which results in its signature, it cannot use concurrent negotiations, pre-drafts or previous versions. Regarding the matter, those expressly stated in this Agreement There are no other conditions, definitions, statements or warranties. Neither party is a representation, incentive, not specified by any party in this Agreement. or does not rely on or rely on the condition.

Our Website is for ongoing disputes or disputes arising from events that occurred before the recorded changes. may amend this Agreement in one or more cases, except as amended. Changes at the top of the amended Agreement  It will come into force on the specified validity date. Determine if any changes have been made since your last review  It is your responsibility to regularly check the date indicated at the top of this Agreement. If you do not accept the changes,  Your special solution is to end your relationship with our Website. If you need more information about the changes or  If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns about the changes, you can contact our Website.

Appointment and Delegation
No party may grant or transfer its rights to this Agreement without the other party's prior written consent, but Our Website may transfer its rights or rights to a partner or subsidiary without your consent. Merger, consolidation, termination, any assignment that results in a violation of this section of the law or voluntary or voluntary basis, in any other way or delegation will be invalid. For the purposes of this section, (1) the change of control is considered an assignment of rights and (2) the merger means any merger that a party participates in, regardless of whether it is a surviving or lost asset. express.

If either party does not require the other to meet any requirement of this Agreement, this failure shall result in then it does not prevent its application. If either party waives the other's terms violations, that waiver is  it is not considered as a waiver of its violations.

If any provision of this Agreement is found to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the conditions required for each party apply,  if binding and applicable, the remaining provisions will remain in effect.

Cumulative Ways of Solution
All rights and remedies provided in this Agreement are cumulative and not exclusive. A party's claim by any right or law, it does not prevent the party from claiming any other rights or seeking any other remedy.

Starting a Transaction
Our Website violates this Agreement against any money owed to You under this Agreement. it may initiate any liability, damage, cost or expense arising out of or undertaking in connection with them.

Successors and Assignments
This Agreement is bound to the appointments of the parties and their successors and terminates them. This section, directly or indirectly, it does not address whether a party can assign its rights under this Agreement or to assign its obligations.

Force Majeure
Our Website may not be realized due to unforeseen circumstances or reasons beyond the reasonable control of our Website. not responsible for a failure: God's actions such as fire, flood, earthquakes, hurricanes, tropical storms or other natural disasters; War, rebellion, arson, embargoes, civil or military authority actions or terrorism;
Fiber cuts;
Strikes or shortages in transportation, facilities, fuel, energy, labor or materials; Failure of the telecommunications or information services infrastructure; and As long as hacking, internal data breach, SPAM or any errors in the computer, server, network or software continue to delay or prevent the performance of our Website. Criminal or unfair acts that cannot be foreseen by their employees, agents, contractors or sellers.

Alerts Sending Notifications
You can send notifications by e-mail of our Website, but the server takes into account the e-mail notification it receives when it sends you a receipt confirmation message. Sending Notification to You - Electronic Notification
With this document, you agree to receive any electronic notification from our Website:
(1) by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address you specified when you registered; or
(2) by sending the notice to a designated place on the Website for this purpose. Our Website,  When the e-mail service shows the transmission to your e-mail address, it will take into account the notifications sent by e-mails sent to You.

Electronic Signatures
Any confirmation, consent or agreement you submit through the Website in response to a request you agree to the relevant conditions. Also, either party agrees, agrees or otherwise expresses clicks on the input field using a button or mouse, keystroke, or other computer device. you agree that the party is legal equivalent. binds handwriting signature and party in the same way.

Web Site Language
Our Website has prepared this agreement in the country of the Website or in a universal language. Our Website allows you to read and understand the default language. It assumes. Our Website is against any party without any costs or expenses incurred to translate this Agreement into another language. is not responsible. The default version checks any translated version.

Any provision of this Agreement, which imposes an obligation after the termination of this Agreement, continues after the termination of this Agreement.

Unless otherwise specified or required by context, the following uses apply in this Agreement:
1- The activities permitted by our Website under this agreement are always and at the discretion of our Website.  can be done any time.
2- References to a bylaws are enacted by the charter or successor charter and under the charter or successor, as in effect at the time in effect. will refer to all regulations that are put in or to be applied.
3- References to numbered sections of this Agreement cover all sections included. For example, references to section 6 also section 6.1, 6.1 (A), etc.
4- In the calculation periods up to a date after a certain date, and the words of the beginning (and similar), incoming and inclusive and with, means ending and ending. (And so on) means excluding but excluding.
5- References to an official or semi-official agency, authority or vehicles will replace the functions of the agency, authority or vehicles. It also refers to a regulatory body.
6- A or B means A or B or both. A, B or C means one or more of A, B and C. The same structure is valid for longer wires.
7- Inclusion means, but is not limited to.